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F70 Steelgard Colourless Rust Preventive (Water-Based)

  • OSHA & EPA Friendly – contains no toxic or harmful material. Formula 70 is a clean and safe alternative to dirty and flammable solvent-based rust preventives.
  • High-Performance Corrosion Resistant – water-dispersed corrosion preventive compound leaves a white waxy coating on the surface of the metal. Formula 70 is rust-proof for long term indoor or medium term outdoor storage.
  • Passed Standard Humidity & Salt Spray Tests – Protects your metal parts for over 2000-hours humidity performance and over 336-hours protection in standard ASTM B-117 salt-spray performance cabinet. Also meets the Military Specification MIL-C-16173D- Grade 1.
  • Stable – Formula 70’s firm corrosion-resistance coating will not transfer, abrade or run under normal handling. The floor of your packaging area, storage bins or packages sent to your customers will not be oil-stained or messy.
  • Neutralises Metal Corrosion – Formula 70’s active corrosion inhibitor system neutralises metal corrosion normally attributed to fingerprints from parts handling