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NANOPROTECH Super Insulation


the product is unique in that it replaces 100% of moisture. It restores a working capacity of damaged by moisture electric equipment without dismantling. The product prevents current leakage and insulation breakdown. A stable invisible nanocoating surely protects household and industrial electric devices even in water. The product provides a powerful protection for at least 1 year and increases service life of devices and equipment.


Super Insulation builds a long-life protection from all kind of moisture. Nanoparticles penetrate in the structure of the applied surface, displace moisture and clean from oxides. It instantly restores an insulation resistance and significantly improves a current conductivity. The product penetrates to hard-to-reach spots and can be applied on wet surfaces. Super Insulation maintains its elasticity for long and is harmless for all materials.

Liquid Electrical Insulation
  • Prevents current leakage and short circuit.
  • Penetrates deeply and displaces 100% of moisture.
  • Restores electronic devices.
  • Increases insulation resistance to 1000%.
  • Stable invisible nano coating protects for long.
  • Electric devices can work in water.