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F50 Steelgard Export Rust Preventive


  • • Save Times & Reduces Labour – Quick and easy to apply which induces cost saving on man hours required. Timed experiment have shown that the entire cost of Formula 50 can be defrayed through the savings in labour.
  • • No Sticky and Messy coating.
  • • High Coverage – each litre of Formula 50 will cover about 45m2 of surface.
  • • Low Cost – exceeds the coverage of other products by as much as three to four times.

  • Formula 50 Steelgard Export Rust Preventive is a thin, transparent lubricating film which outperforms most of the traditional thicker, heavier coatings.
  • Ultra-thin rust preventive coating ensures equipment are protected from corrosion for up to two years under normal conditions.
  • Contains a low-toxicity solvent which are formulated to provide high coverage, thus helping to reduce overall VOC emissions.