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F3050 Ultra Electric Motor Cleaner

• Formula 3050 Ultra Electric Motor Cleaner is a safe and environmental friendly High Grade Solvent for delicate cleaning and degreasing task.
• Replaces highly flammable M.E.K and Toluene as well as C.F.C and Trichlorethylene. It may evaporate more slowly but completely. 25% IPA may be added to speed drying times.
• A solubilising solvent for waxy and sticky residues such as adhesives, printers ink and chewing gum. A special process ensures D-Limonene solvent is extremely pure and leaves no residue.
• Safe on all electronic & electrical components, printing and computer applications. Also ideal on carpets and most fabrics.
• Safe to use on specialized alloys and in Ultrasonic Baths.

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  • For Delicate Cleaning – particularly where low residue, low electrical conductivity, and low vapour toxicity is required.
  • Natural Fragrance – delightful citrus aroma replaces “chlorinated solvent smell”.
  • Safe & Environmental – D-Limonene which is a natural citrus solvent promotes environmental protection.
  • Low Vapour Toxicity – unaffected by effluent control legislation.
  • Highly concentrated – supplied in concentrated form.