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F3010 Citrusolve Water Dilutable Cleaner

• Formula 3010 Citrusolve Water Dilutable Cleaner is a complex mirco-emulsion cleaner with a blend of high- grade citrus oils and surfactants.
• Ideal alternative to traditional solvents and highly alkaline cleaning agents.
• Suitable for use throughout industry and will quickly remove: Oils, Mildew, Silicon oil, Grime, Grease, Soils, Water base paints, Ink and Dyes.
• Extremely versatile, the product may be applied by brush, scrubbing, agitation, soaking and immersion.
• Applicable through spray washers, lance sprayings, cleaning baths, ultrasonic cleaners and other automated equipment.

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  • Strong Cleaning Power without petrochemical solvent. Contains NO Nonyl Phenol, Chlorinated or highly volatile solvents.
  • Natural fragrance – Superb aroma that is not sweet or cloying.
  • Natural solvent – Promotes environmental protection.
  • Phosphate free – Unaffected by effluent control legislation.
  • Highly concentrated – Supplied in concentrated form. Can be dilute up to 20 parts with water.